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Our Services

Cathodic Protection

  • Close Interval
  • Static Survey
  • Interrupted Survey
  • Interference testing
  • Depth of Cover
  • Record of all features in the data stream
  • GPS coordinates of all features
  • Raw field data available for instant feedback
  • Annual Compliance Testing
  • DCVG Survey
  • Prove-up survey

Annual Survey/CP Testing/Rectifier reading

Line Locating/Flagging

Dig Site Layout

Line Marker Installation

GIS Data Overlay and Processing

  • Spatially Align Interrupted and Static Surveys, plot PDF’s, and Generate reports
  • Generate Exception ID’s
  • Spatially align ILI data with other spatial survey data

Data Integrity Management and software development

CP Technicians and Inspectors


All employee qualifications and testing records are up to date and Spectrum will provide verification prior to project commencement to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Spectrum provides NACE certified technicians on all projects to meet our client’s needs

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